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702 - Where My Girls At

Abba- Dancing

Abbott- Green Beret Techno Mi

AcidAgain - Depth Charge

Aerosmith- Hole In My Soul

Aerosmith- Walk This Way

AlanisMorissette - Hand in my pocket

Alanis Morissette - Ironic

Alanis Morrissette - Uninvited

Alsoparr Abbott - Fairlight

Backstreet Boys - Quit Playin Games

Backstreet Boys - Larger than Life

BeastieBoys - Root Down

Beck - Electric Music & the Summer

Beck - Sexx Laws

Ben Folds Five - Air

Ben Folds Five - Brick (Live from SNL)

Bill Dickinson - Queen of Games

Blind - Pieces of My Brain

Blink 182 - All The Small Things

Bone Thugs - Crossroads

Bono(u2) - One(live at Net Aid)

Boys 2 Men - I'll Make Love to You

Boys 2 Men - On Bended Knee

Boys 2 Men - Under Pressure

Breck Allen - Only A Kiss

Britney Spears - Deep In My Heart

Bruce Springsteen - Ghost Of Tom Joad

Celine Dion - Dreamin of You

Celine Dion - Fly

Celine Dion - If you asked me Too

Celine Dion - If you could see me Now

Celine Dion - My Heart Will Go On

Chemical Brothers - Hey Boy Hey Girl

Chemical People - X Feminist

Chris Rock - No Sex

Christina Aguilera - Genie in a Bottle

Craig Jackson - Knock Me Down

Cranberries - I Cant Be With You


Creed - My Own Prison

Dave Matthews - Bartender

Dave Matthews - Hold Me Down

Daybirds - All We Need Is Time

Depeche Mode - In Your Memory

DJ Dougal - Tranquility

Dr. Dre ft. Snoop Dogg- Still D.R.E.

Eagles - Hotel California

Elton John - Candle In The Wind

Everlast- What's its Like

Fade Studios - Vivid

FatboySlim - Rockafeller Skank

Forvever - Deep Sleep

Go Mental - Died In Your Arms Tonite

Good Friend - Out There

Tom Green- Lonely Swedish

Green Day- Basket Case

Guns N Roses - Oh My God

House of 9's - Keep coming Back

JanetJackson - Together Again

Jason Brown - All I Want

Jay Z- Hard Knocked Life

JenniferLopez - Waiting For Tonight

Jimi Hendrix - Foxy Lady

JimiHendrix - Purple haze

Kid Rock- Cowboy

Kitty N - Bust a Groove

Limp Bizkit vs. Everlast - Faith (Remix)

Lit - Ziplock

Live - All Over You

Living Legends - Voices

Madonna - Ray of Light

Matthew Davidson - Quoniam

Metallica - Badseed

Metallica - Creeping Death (Live)

Metallica - Dyers Eve

Metallica - Fuel

Mighty Purple - Keep Head

Nadir - Killer of all Things

NOFX - Vincent

Paperbag - Virus

Pearl Jam - Back Down (live)

Pearl Jam -Last Kiss

Pearl Jam - Wish List

Prosolar Mechanincs - X Marks the Spot

Ricky Martin - Shake Your Bonbon

Rush - Force Ten (Live)

Seeds of Labor - Quest for 5 Mics

Shania Twain - Dont Be Stupid

Shania Twain - From This Moment

Shania Twain - Honey Im Home

Shania Twain - Love Gets Me Every Time

Shania Twain - Man I Feel Like a Woman

Shania Twain - Rock this Country

Sister Machine Gun - Sacrifice

Smart Bomb - X Mix

Smash Mouth - All Star

South Park- Kyle's Mom is a Bitch

Stevie Wonder - Superstition

Sugar Ray- Some Day

Techno Loop - Never Ever

Tool - Opiate

Tori Amos - Raspberry Swirl

Weird Al - My Girlfriend is Inflatable

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